Beautiful Belly Dancers Coloring Book #3

Beautiful Belly Dancers Coloring Book #3

Coloring Pages for Adults

While we enjoy many modern conveniences, many people today are suffering mental and physical conditions brought on by our current lifestyles. Wouldn’t it be nice to get away?

Take a step back and immerse yourself in a coloring book that will both relieve stress and tantalize! This adult coloring book was actually built from a real group of gorgeous ladies who have performed all over world and now their images are presented here for your coloring pleasure!

The images are high quality, the lines tight, and the time spent will relieve your tension and put your mind at ease. Imagine spending a few hours away from the texts, the emails, the long commutes and the gain some peace and quiet.

Over 50 pages of coloring book images ensures you have plenty to color.

The following dancers are featured:

All pages are printed on one-side sheets to make it easy to color. If you prefer pens or markers, place a sheet of plain paper between the pages to prevent the ink from bleeding.

If you are ready to take a step back to your childhood, ready to relax and enjoy these beautiful ladies and the art of coloring, scroll up and hit “Buy” now!

Reviews:Brenda Salomé Salamone wrote:

Woohoo! I'm in a coloring book! And it's on sale!

Heather Andrea Collins wrote:

So honored to be on the cover of this volume and can't wait to get my copy and start coloring! Thank you Richard G Lowe Jr.!

Sabrina Dance of Orange County wrote:

I'm expecting my Belly Dance Coloring Book Vol #3 this Thursday from Amazon and excited to color some of fellow dancers in these Volumes. Being I'm an Artist I can create some beautiful coloring I have in mind.. order a Volume and create your coloring ability it's very relaxing. Thank you Richard Lowe Jr to have me in Vol #3.

Ayla wrote:

This is so darn COOL! Just got mine! (Looking through....really miss my L.A. bellies! Great memories and more to come!) Page 7 AYLA! Thank you,

Sabrina Dance of Orange County wrote:

HI Richard, I just picked up my Belly Dance coloring book 3 ! OMG! ITS Beautiful ! I had to tell you now I love it! It is so Professionally Marketed! Everyone you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Thank you so much Richard for selecting those photos .. I have to love you for all your effort and hard work so I will have this to Cherished <3 Sabrina Dance <3

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