Belly Dancer Coloring Book

Belly Dancer Coloring Book

Drawings of Gorgeous and Talented Dancers for you to Color

An adult coloring book that is both exotic and beautiful!

Stressed with life and the constant drag of staring at screens all day? Do you feel the pressures of the world eating at your soul?

While we enjoy many modern conveniences, many people today are suffering mental and physical conditions brought on by our current lifestyles. Wouldn’t it be nice to get away?

Take a step back and immerse yourself in a coloring book that will both relieve stress and tantalize! This adult coloring book was actually built from a real group of gorgeous ladies who have performed all over world and now their images are presented here for your coloring pleasure!

The images are high quality, the lines tight, and the time spent will relieve your tension and put your mind at ease. Imagine spending a few hours away from the texts, the emails, the long commutes and the gain some peace and quiet.

The following dancers are featured:

Over 100 pages of coloring book images ensures you have plenty to color.

All pages are printed on one-side sheets to make it easy to color. If you prefer pens or markers, place a sheet of plain paper between the pages to prevent the ink from bleeding.

If you are ready to take a step back to your childhood, ready to relax and enjoy these beautiful ladies and the art of coloring, scroll up and hit “Buy” now!


Publisher: The Writing King
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Mardhavi Sakuntala wrote:

I am both proud and honored to be one of the dancers featured in this lovely coloring book which is now published and available for purchase!

Such a lovely description:

"What could be better than an adult coloring book of beautiful belly dancers? These gorgeous ladies have performed all over the world, and now their images are presented here for your coloring pleasure."

Erika Karma Barrus wrote:

It's here, it's here!!!!! Go get your copy today! (I am in a coloring book lol! SO COOL!!!!!)

Michelle Hilario wrote:

I can't believe I am in a coloring book! This video shows you all of the amazing belly dance artists you will find in this book. You can catch me at the 30 second mark on the bottom!!

Please support my friend, Richard. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have this amazing experience and honor!

Robin Bremer wrote:

Richard G Lowe Jr. new coloring book.. Awesome I used to be a professional belly dancer and I think the pictures are awesome. I use to be paid about $65. to $100 for about 4 minutes of dancing about 30 years ago! Once in San Bernardino, Calif I was driven by police car to the top of the mountain to dance for a policeman outside in the police parking lot for his birthday. I was hired by the cops! Another time a congregation hire me to dance for their pastor at a restaurant filled with customers! I made great easy and fun money, it was nothing to take home $300. I loved it, but now I realize that my dancing career in belly dancing was meant to train me to dance for the Lord. I find it easy to dance unchoreographed in front of people. I love to praise the Lord with my whole body!

Marjhani BellaMorte wrote:

I'm in a coloring book!!! You should totally buy one! My dear friend Richard G Lowe Jr. Created it and it is amazing. I can't wait to get one

Satya Jvala wrote:

I'm part of a coloring book! 🙂 Thanks Richard G Lowe Jr.!

Devilla Raks wrote:

I'm so excited to have been included in this BEAUTIFUL Belly Dancers Coloring book created by Richard G Lowe Jr.. One of our most loved supporters and photographers of belly dance! Thank You Richard!

Khadijah wrote:

Thank you Richard for always being such a huge support to the artistry of Middle-Eastern dance!

Veronica Marshman wrote:

On the list of awesome things that can happen to a person, being an illustration in a coloring book was not one that i thought would happen. HUGE thanks to Richard G Lowe Jr. For including me in this beautiful project. Awesome beyond words.

Adelaide wrote:

Oh wow this coloring book thang has really taken off! Now I'm finding myself coloring in my friends Richard G Lowe Jr. new belly dancer book. I have known him since I started belly dancing at 18. He was always at shows taking pictures and this is what it turned into years later:)

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