Unlikely Hero

Unlikely Hero

Unlikely Hero
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
Pages: 40

What would you do if you found a nuke in the trunk of a car? A nuke with a countdown clock, with only 2 hours left? Would you run? Would you hide? Call the police?

Trevor found a nuke, armed, with only two hours until it went off. He wanted to run, to get of Los Angeles, but even though he was one of the worst criminals you can imagine, he just  couldn't leave it there and do nothing, His life had been hard an violent, and he had no reason to want to save anyone. People had hurt him since he was a small child, so why not let them die?

He met a police officer named Don, an unusual man, who believed Trevor, and helped him. Trevor did not expect to be believed.

So what do you do with a live, armed 100-kiloton Russian nuclear warhead that you find in the middle of Los Angeles?

Trevor made his choice, and Don made his own choice as well.

Scroll up to the BUY button and find out how this saga of two men faced with an impossible choice turns out.

Publisher: The Writing King
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Reviews:Ofelia Carbajal wrote:

Great story very fast read & I really like it, I'm the kind of reader, that see's the character's, as I read, so for me it was great, I recommend it! I liked Trevor at the end he had a big heart, think God would let him into heaven!!

Russell Proctor on Russell Proctor wrote:

Traffic cops often have a bad day. Think about for a minute: while they are out there protecting us from bad drivers, whoever they pull over isn’t likely to be someone pleased to see them.

So take pity on Don, a motorcycle officer who is just doing his job when he pulls over someone he sees as driving very badly. Except there’s a reason for the bad driving. An urgent one. Like end-of-the-world urgent.

Richard G. Lowe Jr has crafted an exciting and quick-moving tale about what has to be the worst day in a patrolman’s life—or anyone else’s for that matter.

I admire Lowe’s simply-crafted words. He doesn’t bother us with long descriptions or great detail about motivations. He just gets on with telling the story, a style which matches the urgency of his narrative perfectly.

I found myself caught up the story and desperately hoping things weren’t as bad as the author paints—not because I necessarily wanted a happy ending for the characters but because the implications were just too ghastly. This is a scenario that might actually happen, which removes it from the usual thriller style of story.

I asked for something different and Richard G. Lowe delivered. I remain a happy and wiser reader. And a terrified one.

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