Breaking The Rules, Coloring Apples Purple

Breaking The Rules, Coloring Apples Purple

Guest Post by Cindy Howard

Dan Cin Art Studio

Breaking the rules about coloringI am feeling a little rebellious tonight, so breaking rules it’s what I’m here to talk about. Hopefully I might even have you thinking about color like you never have before. Breaking from the boring red norm and maybe have you coloring apples purple. Yes, I said purple!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to create your own world? To color it in clashing shades and unexpected hues? Bring your own sense and style to the palette of your day. Like when you were a child and make believe reigned. Ever stop and think when you go to pick out that matching outfit for work… The one you wear almost every Wednesday. Some days don’t you just want to shake it up and mix your neon shirts with your work attire? Okay, maybe a neon pink bow tie instead of your standby blue and white striped one. Find that green scarf that you only wear on weekends and tie it around your waist!

Coloring is where we get to step out of our everyday boxes. Where we can turn something conventional or predictable into our own. Find a comfortable place and the perfect coloring page. Take a deep breath. Then another. And, another. How shall we stretch our reality? Beautify the day in unheard of ways.

I cordially invite you to turn it upside down a little. Make that sky green. Color that grass blue. And, by all means, color that apple purple, and color your trees pink, or better yet color them a rainbow of colors!

I’m anxious to hear your voices! What are you coloring? What tools are you using? Tell me what you’d like to see more of here in the comments. Most importantly….HAPPY COLORING!!

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