Adult Coloring Books Bring Stress Relief

Adult Coloring Books Bring Stress Relief

Karma Colored by Cathy Johnson 11-06-2016Way back when I worked as the Director of Computer Operations for Trader Joe’s, I wish I had known about adult coloring books. The job was extraordinarily stressful because I was the man on the point, meaning if anything went wrong anywhere, I was the one who had to handle it. It was not uncommon to receive a hundred trouble calls a week, some of them serious, all from our users who needed help immediately. The most stressful were those calls from upper management, because they didn’t understand the complexity, and fragility, of our computer systems.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans have discovered the joys of coloring. These books are similar in concept to those from our childhood, except they tend to be more complex and with themes more related to the world of adults.

If you can choose colors (or shades of grey if colorblind) then you can color the pages within these books. At first, all you need to be able to do is color between the lines, but as you gain more skill you can practice techniques such as shading to make your colored pages look even better.

There are thousands and thousands of them available in local bookstores, supermarkets and online in places such as Amazon. The only equipment you need is something to color with: colored pencils, gel pens, crayons or magic markers. I prefer colored pencils because I think they give coloring pages an interesting look, but others have their own preferences.

After watching a few of my friends change from stressed out, up-tight and barely functioning to relaxed, smiling and happy people, I decided to take a stab at producing my own coloring books. Since I don’t produce junk products, I spent a few weeks wracking my brain, trying to think of a subject suitable for creating good, quality books. I decided that using my own photographs, the 400,000 or so that I’d taken of belly dancers, as a start would be perfect.

Combining the world of gorgeous and talented belly dancers with adult coloring books was the perfect opportunity for me to produce books of high quality and stress relieving value. It took some effort to find an artist – I quickly discarded automated techniques – and after that, it was just a matter of selecting photos and creating the books.

If you are in a high-stress job and need to relax, take a look at adult coloring books. You may find that spending an hour a day with a set of colored pencils and a quality book will loosen that tension and make you smile again.

Adult coloring books are an inexpensive way to reduce stress so you can feel more happy and alive.

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