Why Coloring is Great for your Health

Why Coloring is Great for your Health

Guest post by Cindy Howard
Dan Cin Art Studio

Coloring is just for kids, right? Not anymore! Adults across the country have picked up adult coloring books as a way to destress and unwind. The health benefits go beyond relaxation. You don’t have to be an expert colorist to reap in the benefits it gives you. You can pick something you really like and color it however you would like. There are no rights and wrongs in coloring. Everyone has their own style.

While coloring won’t make your problems disappear it will put them on hold for the time being while you are coloring. Coloring helps to spark creativity. It can help you think of new ideas and gain new insights as well. You can choose to color an image in a book or on a blank piece of paper, stay within the lines or color all over the page. It will make you think about what colors to use and create with so your problems will seem smaller for a little while.

You might not be able to pull out your coloring books while your at work but for the most part you can do and enjoy it anywhere, anytime as a form of relaxation and it’s cheaper than a massage! You also don’t need an appointment for coloring. It’s a great way to become socially involved as well. Many people are now having coloring parties and groups that meet once or twice a month. So you can converse with friends and color and help each other out with tips and tricks you’ve learned and also learn new tips and tricks.

You’ll experience similar benefits to meditation and find that it is great for reducing stress. It’ll help you slow down from a rushed day. Even though it isn’t an incredibly demanding activity, coloring still requires your focus and attention while engaged with a picture. You can become so focused on the page that you’re actually able to drift away even more. It’s also a great way to escape the busy things of daily life like blaring tv sets, and ringing phones.

Coloring will also help enhance your abilities. Since coloring requires focusing and attention, you will also have to use your sense of sight along with fine motor skills. Doing so allows your brain to fully communicate, making connections that will strengthen a variety of abilities within your mind. In fact, it’s been tested that coloring may delay or even prevent dementia in the elderly.

And lastly, you will have the satisfaction of completing a project and have your own homemade d├ęcor for your home! When you color, you are creating beautiful artwork that should be displayed proudly! Frame your best ones and hang them on the walls of your home so others can see them. Your work is unique and you should flaunt it as best you can!

With all the benefits of coloring, it’s time to grab your colored pencils or crayons, and get out those pictures and color on!

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