Publishing a Coloring Book When you are not an Artist

Publishing a Coloring Book When you are not an Artist

During the later half of 2016, I wanted to publish coloring books. You see, I’m a photographer and I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos of nature, belly dancers and the renaissance fair. It occurred to me that those photographs could be sketched to make excellent drawings for coloring books.

At first I thought I could use Adobe Photoshop to automate the sketching process. I found some tutorials on the web which explained the process, but none of them produced acceptable results. The sketches were blurry and would have required a lot of manual editing, which was not something that I wanted to do with hundreds of images.

I tried doing some of the sketching manually using Adobe Photoshop, but that took too long – hours and hours per sketch. I even attempted to use tracing paper over the photograph, but that didn’t work well either.

However, I’d been using a site called Fiverr for ┬áthe last year to create book covers and other things I needed for writing, and it occurred to me that I could hire an artist to do the work for me. I was a little bit anxious about the price – I expected to pay $20 to $30 a sketch.

After looking through Fiverr for a short time, I realized I could find artists for a lot cheaper – sometimes as low as $2 per sketch. That was more in my price range. The artist that I finally chose to do my first half dozen coloring books cost even less – $1 per page. She was a student, wanted a few extra dollars and needed the experience.

She produced 4 belly dancer coloring books, a nature book, and a couple of others before life interfered and she disappeared. She did deliver everything I’d paid for, and by that time I’d found other artists.

I wanted to try some different styles, so I experimented with half a dozen others, each producing their own books.

By the time I decided I had enough coloring books, I had published 16 of them! The final one, to be published shortly, is a special charity book about human rights.

The point of all this is there are dozens of ways to producing coloring books. If you are an artist, you can create your own. You can hire other artists to do the work for you, and for things like mandalas there is even automated software.

So if you’ve got a great idea for a coloring book and you can draw worth beans, well, now you have an alternative.

This is a full list of all of the coloring books that I have published to date.

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